Customer Care and Utility Billing Services

Improved customer service. Reduced cost of delivery.

Would you like to enhance your customer service while cutting your cost of delivery? Our proven best practices and high level of automation reduce errors, speed response times, and increase productivity, resulting in satisfied customers – at a lower cost.

We deliver a full range of customer care and utility billing services, including the full spectrum of utility administration, to businesses of all sizes across North America. To meet your unique needs, we can customize your set of services from this comprehensive set of options:

  • Billing: Usage calculation; bill preparation and delivery; bill messaging and insert advertising; customer account interface; user-friendly bill design

  • Payment and collections: Customer payments by check, financial institution, direct bank debit or online services; distribution of collected funds; special payment handling; collections, and accounts receivable management; statistical reporting

  • Information management: System security; disaster recovery; business resumption; emergency management; data storage, and backup

  • Customer care: Billing inquiries; customer and payment information updates; fielding and investigation of customer complaints; public education; 24/7 customer care call center capability with service representatives, and emergency response

The benefits of an experienced partner

Consistent, informative, and reliable communications help create satisfied customers and contribute towards the safety and reliability of your utility infrastructure. And yet, with so many variables and obstacles to customer interaction, this important aspect of utility delivery can receive less attention than it deserves.

Corix has developed the processes, resources, and expertise to proactively and reliably manage all aspects of the customer care process, from public education, to complaint investigation, and billing services. Each operation has its own requirements, and our services have evolved to quickly adapt to and meet the needs of all aspects of customer care. Corix's customer care and utility billing services are: 

  • Flexible: We tailor service programs to meet your specific needs. So whether you just need some help improving collections or want to outsource your entire meter-to-cash process, Corix is flexible.

  • Experience-based:  With more than 2.3 million bills delivered each year, we’re experts on all types of utility billing. We also have extensive hands-on experience with industry-leading customer information systems, including Continental Utility Systems Inc. for Windows, CC&B for Oracle, and North Star Utilities Solutions.

  • Leading edge: We employ state-of-the-art technology at every touchpoint to ensure superior results. At the Corix customer care and utility billing centers, for example, our technology platform helps our clients maximize their own systems, enabling them to log on and interact directly with their customers.

  • Multilingual: Our customer care team is fully equipped to provide language translations and interpretations so that every customer receives the attention they deserve.

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