Operations and Maintenance Services

Extend infrastructure life cycle, reduce costs, minimize disruption

Corix Utilities provides operations and maintenance services for water, wastewater, and traditional and sustainable energy systems. These comprehensive services address a wide range of possible needs, from one-time project assistance to ongoing technical and operational support. 

Through preventive, corrective, and predicative maintenance and best-practice-based operations, our experts help extend the life of your infrastructure and reduce costs, while allowing you to focus on other priorities.

A team of experts at your service

With over 100 years of experience and a team of more than 2,200 highly skilled people, Corix has the in-house expertise to address any utility challenge.

We have a wide range of professionals across our businesses, including one of North America’s largest private teams of certified and qualified operators and technicians for water, wastewater, and sustainable energy systems. These highly qualified personnel are complemented by professional engineers and specialists who provide operational governance, technical supervision, and training to ensure optimal operational performance and safety in the systems we manage.

We are experts at designing, building, and managing the vital systems required for communities to grow and thrive. Our infrastructure features the safest, most efficient transport, delivery, and treatment of systems. Plus, our wide range of process knowledge and ability to leverage products and technologies enables us to select and offer you most efficient cost-effective solutions.

Comprehensive utility support

Our comprehensive operations and maintenance services range from ongoing technical and operational support for water and wastewater treatment facilities to design, build, finance, and operation of complex multi-utility infrastructure.

We provide operations and maintenance services to over 1,000 water, wastewater and energy systems across North America. Corix's operations and maintenance services include:

  • Delivering community services such as heating and cooling, energy, and water and sewer
  • Preventative, corrective, and predictive maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Utility systems management
  • Water, wastewater, and energy advisory services
  • Sample testing and analysis
  • Timely response to typical and emergency situations
  • Inspection and testing of facility components and processes
  • Upgrading of utility systems
  • Utility maintenance such as hydrant servicing and gas installs
  • Management of regulatory requirements
  • Financing and managing local utility infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies for utility and multi-utility systems, including district energy

With our integrated approach to project delivery, we provide exceptional accountability, stability, and risk management – and save you time and money. Our core strength is in partnering with government, developers, and communities to develop, implement, operate, and maintain customized utility infrastructure solutions.

Contact us to learn about our operations and maintenance services.


Contact us to learn about our operations and maintenance services.

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