Utility Operations

Safe, reliable, and cost-effective utility infrastructure services

Our experience and ability to structure unique solutions to suit any utility requirements allow us to help institutions, government agencies, and small to medium-sized communities realize significant utility infrastructure improvements.

Corix’s custom solutions range from full privatizations to simple operating agreements and everything in between. We have helped support regulated and non-regulated utilities and also offer privatization under long-term concession contracts for municipal, university, and military customers. We have entered operating agreements for long-term operations support; medium-term support during a privatization transition period; and short-term renewable contracts with utility owners. Corix will work to find solutions that best meet any needs and business objectives.

Our experience also includes

  • structuring utility privatization/concession contracts
  • providing public entities with a high level of contractual control and overall governance of utility systems
  • delivering the transparency of an open-book, regulatory cost-of-service pricing model

Corix offers a tailored approach to solving utility challenges

  • District energy
  • Electric distribution 
  • Natural gas distribution
  • Central heat and power
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Wastewater collection and treatment 
  • Stormwater
  • Chilled water

Corix delivers

  • Safe, reliable utility services
  • Reduction of longstanding problems
  • Proactive maintenance and upgrades
  • Environmentally responsible enhancements
  • Customer service excellence

Benefits of Corix's Utility Operations

Corix is an experienced partner with the expertise, systems, and resources required to build, repair, operate, and enhance utility systems. Working with Corix to overcome your utility infrastructure problems offers a wide range of valuable benefits:

Access to funding

Corix provides a non-traditional source of funds by unlocking the equity value of your existing capital assets.

Access to capital

Corix provides capital for your utility infrastructure needs. This stable source of funding for new infrastructure projects ensures that timely improvements can be made to ensure long-term, safe, and reliable utility services.

Reduced deferred maintenance backlogs

Through our ongoing predictive and preventative maintenance processes, Corix anticipates and corrects them before they escalate.

Control over utility governance

You retain direct utility governance over your infrastructure while Corix is accountable for the delivery of safe and reliable utility services.

Long-term savings

Our comprehensive asset management framework helps optimize the operation, maintenance, and management of your utility infrastructure. The result is improved efficiencies that save you money while also providing safe and reliable services for the long term. 


With Corix’s depth of expertise across multiple utilities, strong financial backing, and cooperative approach to business, you can tailor an agreement that meets your specific needs.

Contact us to learn about our utility operations capabilities.

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