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Products and services to help your systems work better and longer

Preventive, corrective, and predicative maintenance ensures that all components of your system function well and that wear and damage are identified and repaired early – before they cause problems. With regular maintenance and repairs, your system lasts longer, produces reliable high water quality, and avoids costly malfunctions.

Corix Water Services provides customers in Ontario, Canada a complete and customizable range of turnkey services. We work with municipalities, utilities, consulting engineers, contractors, developers, and private property owners to ensure that their water distribution systems elements operate at their best.

Corix Water Services provides reliable cost-effective services to ensure that all elements of water distribution systems are operating at their best.

Superior service by trained professionals

Our operators provide superior service while maintaining the highest level of protection to your water system. We help with troubleshooting, operations, maintenance and repairs, and provide a wide range of supplementary services.

Class 1 water distribution system operators handle all areas of watermain services, including initial inspection, swabbing, hydrostatic testing, disinfection, hydrant and valve maintenance and repair, leak detection, and reservoir cleaning and disinfection. Our operators are licensed under Ontario Regulation 128/04 and receive extensive and ongoing health and safety and operational training. They perform all work in a professional, timely, and safe manner to maintain the long-term reliability of your systems.

Help for every aspect of your water distribution system

Corix provides products, systems, and services for safe, reliable water collection, treatment, and distribution. As an integrated provider of essential utility infrastructure, Corix can fulfill virtually any utility need, from product supply to the design, construction, installation, and management of complete water and wastewater treatment systems.

Watermain cleaning

Corix Water Services utilizes flushing and/or swabbing to improve water quality and to cut down on future maintenance costs.

  • Foam swabbing of watermains and other pipelines
  • Pigging and other more aggressive cleaning operations
  • Supply of pigging and swabbing tools, fixtures and pumping equipment for clients
  • Consulting services 

Disinfection services

Corix has a complete disinfection process for new, existing, relined and repaired watermains. We work with all sizes and types of pipe and complete everything from the first stage disinfection proposal to the final dechlorination and disposal of wastewater.

  • Chlorination in accordance with AWWA standards and the Safe Drinking Water Act (2002) 
  • Neutralization of chlorinated or chloraminated water for safe and legal disposal
  • Slug, continuous feed and super-chlorination processes available for clients depending on pipe size and material
  • New, repaired or relined watermains 

Hydrant flow testing, data collection/analysis,and repair services

Corix Water Services offers a complete range of hydrant testing and reporting in accordance to the Ontario Fire Code (OFC). We provide yearly maintenance programs to help our public and private clients meet the requirements of local by-laws and the OFC regarding the maintenance and testing of fire hydrants. We also provide a full range of repair services that are available on an as-needed and/or emergency basis.

  • Single hydrant flow tests, measuring discharge only
  • Single-pair hydrant tests, measuring flow with a corresponding residual
  • Group flow testing, in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for colour coding of hydrants
  • Flow curve generation for pipelines
  • Replacement of old style (solid barrel) hydrants with new century style hydrants
  • Repair of fire hydrants damaged by wear, abuse, or collision
  • Grade adjustments raising or lowering of hydrants to grade without digging
  • Preventative maintenance overhauls and upgrades
  • Conversion of internal parts and upgrades to upper barrels
  • Fire flow testing and “C” Factor testing
  • Storz port conversions
  •  Inspection services 

Pressure testing

Corix Water Services offers pressure testing for new or repaired watermains to comply with local municipal requirements. We are also able to detect and find leaks so repairs can be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Pipeline/main testing up to 500 psi or to suit
  • Portable pumping equipment (up to 50 litres per second) to fill large pipelines efficiently
  • Supply of hoses, adapters, tools, fittings, and fixtures to suit any application

Leak detection

Municipalities experience tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to leaking pipes every year. Our leak detection program uses state-of-the-art, computerized leak detection equipment to find and measure leaks. Finding and repairing these leaks will result in almost instant savings for you.

  • Water loss surveys
  • District metering assessment projects


Water storage reservoirs are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment guidelines and AWWA standards.

Potable temporary bypass systems

Corix Water Services understands that even though watermain upgrading and replacement must be completed, it is not acceptable to have water supplies interrupted affecting the end user. We are able to help keep the supply of water flowing and prevent dissatisfied customers.

  • Complete bypass systems installed during periods of repair or the replacement of existing watermains 
  • All aspects of the system are supplied – supply, installation, disinfection, sampling and the connection to the end user 
  • All materials are approved for use in potable water systems 
  • All systems are supplied with a certified backflow prevention device 
  • Bypass systems are available with temporary fire hydrants and/or connection to existing fire sprinkler or standpipe systems 


Corix Water Services understands that a part of providing safe and reliable water to our communities is making sure that it is measured accurately. Water meters provide accurate billing to the customer, important usage data for the utility and help to eliminate lost revenue due to leaks. The importance of routinely testing, calibrating and replacing water meters has increased significantly due to the increased costs of potable water, both on the supply and consumer sides.

Corix offers:

  • Testing of positive displacement, compound, turbo, high performance turbine and fire service meters
  • Testing of large flow meters 
  • Testing and re-calibration according to AWWA and/or municipal standards 
  • Backflow replacement
  • Large scale installations and/or change-outs of residential and commercial water meters 
  • Repair and replacement of large diameter, residential and commercial water meters 

Bulk truck water fill systems

Corix offers truck water fill systems to help water managers maintain control by restricting tank truck access within a filling station. We provide metered and backflow protected facilities as well as simple, real-time transaction recording, reporting and invoicing. This provides supplementary revenue and encourages buyers to use water wisely.

  • Easy-to-use systems keep water trucks working efficiently to minimize down time and business disruptions
  • Programmable user interface can control who uses the system through pre-paid, invoiced or volume-based limits
  • Wide range of capacity from compact, hydrant-attached devices to large multiple-head units, all of which are fully customizable 

Multi-year service packages

Corix Water Services realizes that there are times when purchasing a particular service may be necessary, but we also offer complete yearly or multi-year maintenance packages. The cost for this is built into one low monthly price that will help with budget constraints and manage your maintenance needs at the same time.

  • Valve and hydrant maintenance (repair and/or replacement as needed)
  • Swabbing and flushing of watermains
  • Sampling as required 

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Corix Hydrant Servicing

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