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Important notices regarding planned outages, road closures and rate adjustments from BC Hydro and FortisBC will be posted here. Check back regularly.

Active Fire in the Vicinity

posted July 12, 2018 at 1:20 p.m.

‚ÄčThere is an active fire burning approximately 1-2 km from Sun Rivers and several roads are closed in the vicinity.

Operations will be activating irrigation systems on the golf course as a preventative measure if necessary.

Archived Alerts

posted January 2, 2018


We would like to acknowledge that there have been some issues with the quality of snow removal service to date this season. We are addressing these issues and would like to thank you for your patience as we work with our contractor to improve this service going forward.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our local office at 250-377-7757.


Winter conditions are upon us and have created some difficult driving conditions to date.  There have been several inquiries about the snow removal process. Please see below for some information on how the process works.

Snow Removal Process

Our snow removal contractors have been directed to plow the roadways in the most efficient and effective manner to allow them to clear the snow and/or apply ice melt to the roadways in a timely fashion.Snow will be plowed from the center of the lane to the curb with respect to the flow of traffic. (This is similar to the snow removal process in other municipalities, such as the City of Kamloops.)

Service Levels

Please be assured that this does not affect the level of service provided, with respect to having the snow removed from the roadways.

Our goal is to allow the crews to pay the most attention to arterial roads first, as they have the highest volume of traffic and we need to keep them clear for emergency vehicles. These roadways include:

  • Sun Rivers Drive
  • Sun Rivers Drive West
  • Rosewood Drive
  • Ironwood Drive
  • Canyon Ridge Drive
  • Sillaro Drive
  • Trillium Drive (due to the grades on that roadway)  
Other roadways will receive secondary priority, especially during extreme snowfalls.


Driving safety

Please be reminded that the posted speed limit at Sun Rivers is 30 km/h and to drive according to the weather conditions.

Clearing snow from driveways

  • We recommend waiting until the plows have finished plowing your street before clearing your driveway.
  • Pile snow on the left side of your driveway (when facing your property). This will allow you to see oncoming traffic, and when the roadway is plowed again it won't push your shoveled piles back into your driveway.
  • Note that pushing snow from your driveway into the roadway is not permitted, which helps ensure potential hazardous situations are avoided.

Questions or concerns?

Contact our local office at 250-377-7757


Beginning Tuesday, April 19, Sun Rivers will be conducting a pilot project to determine the suitability of energy efficient LED streetlights. This pilot test will occur on Mariposa Court beginning on Tuesday, April 19 and will run for six months.

Learn more about the pilot project.

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