Sun Rivers GeoExchange Loop Field Inspection Program Discontinued

Effective immediately, the Sun Rivers GeoExchange Loop Field Inspection Program is being discontinued. The program was originally designed to identify possible system deficiencies that may lead to costly and inconvenient repairs, and consisted of Corix technicians inspecting residences throughout Fairways, Sagewood, Mariposa, Trillium, Rosewood, 9th Green, Golf Ridge, Canyon Ridge, Ironwood, and Stoneridge. 

Why discontinue the program?

Following careful evaluation, it was determined that the data collected from the inspections no longer raised any concern regarding the integrity of the loop field system. However, the data collected through Corix’s existing loop field inspections would act as baseline data to compare against future data collected from annual maintenance visits by your certified geothermal service technician. 

What's next?

Corix would like to stress the importance of regular maintenance. Interior mechanical equipment and piping should be serviced annually by a certified geothermal technician. If ground loop issues are identified during maintenance, please contact Corix Utilities at 250-377-7757. 

What are homeowners responsible for?

Each homeowner owns the GeoExchange piping inside the home, the geothermal heat pump, circulating pump, and ductwork (essentially, all heating and cooling components inside the home). Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the heat pump and cleaning of the filters and ducts.

Corix owns the piping outside of the home, called the GeoExchange loop field system. 

Demarcation Blueprint Graphic

GeoExchange Information Sessions

Corix will be hosting GeoExchange information sessions this spring to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the discontinuation of the Loop Field Inspection Program.  


If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact us at 250-377-7757 or at