Available Rebates 

BC Hydro Appliance Rebates

If you purchased eligible appliances between October 5 and November 16, 2018, you may qualify for BC Hydro’s residential appliance rebates.

Corix Utilities works with BC Hydro to extend its Appliance Rebate Offers to the Sun Rivers community.  

When submitting an application as a Corix Utilities customer, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete the information on the form.
  2. Use your Corix Utilities account number.
    Use your Corix electric account number in the Account Number section. You will get an "ERROR" screen pop up, as the BC Hydro system will not recognize your account number. Below Account Number, there will be a box that appears for "New Customer." 
  3. Tick the box for "New Customer" and continue with the application.
  4. If you experience issues during the application process, email appliancerebate@bchydro.com for assistance.
BC Hydro Rebate Form

BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebates

Improve your home's efficiency and get money in return

BC Hydro also extends its Home Renovation Rebates to Sun Rivers residents. This provides a variety of rebates to help make improving your home’s energy efficiency more affordable, including:

  • Upgrading insulation
  • Draftproofing
  • Improving your home’s heating system
  • Improving your home’s ventilation 

How to Apply

  1. Visit BC Hydro's website to view and apply for eligible rebates.
  2. When completing the application form(s), use the promotional code CORIX and include your Corix electric account number in the Electricity Utility Account Number section (e.g., Corix01-6999999-005). See example below.

    HERO Form

  3. You must submit a copy of your invoice(s) showing details of all work performed, including the purchase date, make, model, and installation permit numbers (if applicable) with your application.


For complete details on the BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebate Offer, please visit their website.