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The Corix Advantage

Choosing Corix has your thermal energy utility partner brings numerous benefits to every aspect of your project. From inception, through development and construction, to ongoing operations – look to Corix as an innovative and trusted partner.

Customized Solutions

Every thermal energy system is unique, and the Corix team doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to technology. We’re technology neutral, drawing from proven technology platforms and processes to implement the right systems at the right time while reducing costs and project timelines.

Our highly skilled team of professionals is experienced in evaluating and implementing various low-carbon technologies including biomass, GeoExchange, air- and water-source heat pumps, combined heat and power, landfill gas and sewer heat recovery.

We have an in-depth understanding of each step of the process required to deliver a successful project, including:

  • Business assessments and evaluation of alternative energy technologies
  • System phasing to address development timelines and promote flexibility and adaptability
  • Rate design to ensure long-term, sustainable, and affordable system rates
  • Operation and maintenance practices to guarantee continuous and reliable service.


Corix is backed by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), a large, stable, and well-respected investment firm that manages a globally diversified investment portfolio. Through BCI’s active direct infrastructure investment program, Corix has the financial capacity to finance utility infrastructure solutions of varying sizes, all tailored to the unique requirements and scale of each project.

Risk Management

Given our extensive experience developing and operating thermal energy systems, Corix can identify and manage project risks with a high level of confidence and effectiveness. Our just-in-time capital deployment approach mitigates against stranded asset risk and appropriately aligns capital with the growth in energy demand. Our experience with sophisticated counterparties means we can build specific risk transfer considerations into our partnership agreements.

Industry and Regulatory Relationships

Corix has played a significant role in the district energy sector in British Columbia; from being an active contributor to industry associations, such as the International District Energy Association (IDEA), to actively participating in regulatory proceedings that shape and influence the district energy industry in the province. This includes the development of the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) Thermal Energy System Framework Guidelines, which is used by the BCUC to regulate thermal energy utilities in BC.

We also have experience in jurisdictions where district energy is not regulated and have developed unique and successful alternatives to provide customers peace of mind.

Comprehensive Energy Utilities Experience

With the ability to customize our partnerships and complement and manage outside resources as required, our team has the expertise to bring virtually any thermal energy project from initial concept through to implementation and ongoing operations.