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Corix Water Products provides the products and services to take your project from start to finish.

Our Products

We carry a complete line of high density polyethylene (HDPE) products for industrial, fire protection, mining, slurry, municipal, mechanical, dewatering, and irrigation applications. From polyethylene (PE) pipe, PE and metallic components and connections, to fusion equipment, we have what you need to create leak-free, durable systems.

In addition, we carry a comprehensive line of products including:

  • Electrofusion fittings and equipment
  • Conventional (butt) fusion fittings and equipment
  • Transition fittings
  • Unions
  • Flange insulation products

The HDPE products we distribute can be found in various projects throughout Canada including water pipeline/services extensions, high-pressure watermains, fabricated spools, raw water pipelines, and more.

Explore the complete line of HDPE products we distribute within Canada. 

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Pressure Application HDPE Pipe

JM Eagle* | Performance Pipe | PolyPipe 
Polytubes | Shawcor Pipe | Uponor Infra

Non-Pressure Application HDPE Pipe
ADS | Snap-Tite*Weholite
Injection Molded Factory Mutual (FM) HDPE Fittings
Georg Fischer | Integrity Fusion Products
Performance Pipe | Rahn Plastics
Fabricated HDPE Fittings
Georg Fischer | Plasson USA | Specified Fittings
Fabricated Factory Mutual (FM) HDPE Fittings
Georg Fischer | Plasson USA | Specified Fittings
Specialty HDPE Fittings
Improved Piping Products | Poly-Cam
Electrofusion Fittings
Georg Fischer | Friatec | Integrity Fusion Products
Rahn Plastics
Fusion Equipment
Friatec | Georg Fischer | McElroy
Clamps, Couplings, and Saddles
Hymax | Robar Industries | Romac Industries
Shurjoint | Smith-Blair
*Not available in Ontario

Our HDPE Fabrication Services

Corix Water Products will work with you from design stage through to installation. In addition to supplying the necessary products for your projects, we provide start-to-finish services from our comprehensive HDPE fabrication shops located in Abbotsford, British Columbia and Hornby, Ontario.

We have a full fleet of fusion machines and offer HDPE fusion services ranging from ½” to 63” pipes and sheet selection of varying sizes and thickness.

We are an authorized McElroy service center and rent McElroy and Georg Fischer HDPE equipment capable of fusing or welding different types and sizes of pipe.

Our experienced technicians can assist with field installation for a variety of applications. All of our fusion technicians have been trained to operate within our company's Health, Safety and Environmental guidelines, provincial work safe safety policies, as well as other industry standards.

To learn more about the HDPE products we carry or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch.

Corix Water Products HDPE Pipe Supply

To learn more about the HDPE products we carry or to request a quote, contact your nearest branch: