Information for Developers

The Burnaby Mountain District Energy Utility (BMDEU) is a district energy system providing thermal energy heating and domestic hot water to the Burnaby Mountain UniverCity community. It is a partnership between Corix Utilities and the SFU Community Trust.

Corix designs, builds, owns, and operates the system with oversight from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) under a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. All terms and conditions of service, rates, and fees are subject to review and approval by the BCUC.

Corix Connect logo drop shadow 300x300Accounts

To manage utility accounts, or make changes such as contact person(s), billing information, etc., developers can use the Corix Connect online self-service portal. Alternatively, please contact Corix Customer Care for all account inquiries. 

Opening a New Account

Service ApplicationTo open new accounts, or apply for service at an existing location where services already exist, please download and complete the Application for Service and email or mail it to Corix Customer Care.


Utility Bill Payments

Corix offers several ways to make utility bill payments.

  • Bank Debit or Credit Card

  • Through Your Bank

  • Mail

Corix Connect

MUC Device ArrayOur new online self-service portal lets property managers and developers manage their utility accounts online.

  • View bills and accounts 24/7
  • Make payments online
  • Manage account details
  • Monitor usage and save money
  • Go paperless!
  • Receive payment reminders
  • Contact us directly
  • And more features to come...

Registering is Easy

Sample CUI Bill Acc NoHave ready your 10-digit Account Number from a recent bill #1, service postal code, and email. Using a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet web browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your 10-digit Account Number, service postal code, and email
  3. When prompted, set a password and complete your set-up

You're now ready to enjoy the benefits of Corix Connect.

For quick access, bookmark the page, or "Login" from any page on this website.

Billing Terms & Conditions

The full amount owing is payable by the due date indicated on the bill. Please allow sufficient time for payments to reach us. Overdue balances are subject to a late payment interest charge. Returned cheques may incur a service charge.

Rates and Tariffs

The BMDEU rate is inclusive of the majority of the costs associated with thermal energy delivery, including the operations and maintenance of boiler equipment and hot water tanks. In contrast to traditional energy systems, the end-user no longer has to pay separate fees associated with ongoing operations and maintenance of energy equipment in addition to energy rates, and does not have to pay into a contingency reserve fund for the eventual replacement of this equipment. Buildings connected to the BMDEU only pay for energy used and the pumping energy required to move it through a building.

All thermal energy is bulk metered by Corix through revenue grade meters and is billed to the strata as a lump value each month. Corix does not divide the bill between strata lot users. All buildings connected to the BMDEU are billed in the following way, and the rate for energy is split into two distinct tariffs.

  1. Fixed Component
    Billed based on the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of each individual building connected to the BMDEU. It is represented on your actual bill by a $/m2 (or $/Sqft) charge. This charge covers off all of the “controllable” costs incurred by the utility in providing the service, i.e., operations and maintenance, the utilities return on investment, financing costs for infrastructure, etc. This charge is the same every month.
  2. Variable Component
    Billed based on the amount of thermal energy used by a building in any particular month. It is represented on your bill by a $/kWh (or $/MWh) charge. This charge is based on the “uncontrollable” costs incurred by the utility in providing service, i.e., natural gas and electricity.

For greater detail on rates and tariffs, please view or download the Thermal Energy Terms and Conditions of Customer Service.

Rates & Regulatory Affairs

For more detailed information on your utility's effective rates, rate change applications, capital projects, and other regulatory matters, please visit Resources - Regulatory Affairs.