Energy Conservation

Even though an individual user's impact on total energy consumption is minimized in a centralized district energy system, such as the BMDEU, we should always strive to conserve our energy resources. Not only are we supporting the goals of the UniverCity community, but we're helping ensure a more sustainable and healthy environment for the future.

In Canada, the majority of our household energy consumption is spent on space heating and domestic hot water—-the two areas of energy consumption made more efficient by the BMDEU district energy system.

Energy Use at Home - Canada

Reducing consumption in these areas can be as simple as adopting these energy conservation habits:

  • Lower thermostats, especial when not at home;
  • Keep windows and doors closed during periods of cold weather;
  • Use drapes or window blinds to provide additional insulation in summer and winter;
  • Reduce hot water consumption by taking shorter showers, and running washing machines and dishwashers only when full.

For more energy conservation tips, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.