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We Understand Your Concerns and Frustration

Mar 19, 2021

A utility billing update for Sonoma Pines residents, March 15, 2021

Dear Sonoma Pines resident,

As you are no doubt aware, Corix Utilities has been experiencing issues with our transition to a new accounting and billing system, which has resulted in billing irregularities over the past months. This situation is not consistent with the standards we set for ourselves, or the level of service Sonoma Pines customers have come to expect. For this we sincerely apologise.

We know we’ve said it before, but we’d like to again reassure customers that we’re working hard to rectify these issues. The number of affected accounts is being steadily reduced, and we’ve implemented the following measures to assist all customers.

  • Beginning April 1, customers paying by credit card pre-authorized payment will not have any further payments processed until their bill has arrived and the payment is due.
  • Customers whose accounts are in arrears due to missed or inaccurate billing will not be expected to settle their account in one payment. We can work with you on a convenient payment schedule to bring your account up to date. For assistance, please contact Customer Care at or 1.866.457.7273 (M-F, 8 AM to 5 PM).
  • No late payment or collection charges will be applied to any account, and accounts will remain in good standing.
  • Customer credit ratings are not affected, as we do not share data with credit bureaus.
  • We’re doing our best to compensate for Canada Post delays, but please bear this in mind if waiting for or sending anything by mail.

We understand the concerns and frustration residents are feeling—especially at a time when everyone’s concerns are elsewhere. We sincerely regret these inconveniences and appreciate your continued understanding and patience.

Corix Customer Care

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