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Cleveland Thermal produces and delivers efficient, economical, and reliable heating and cooling services with district energy for commercial properties and educational and healthcare campuses.

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What We Do

District Energy

Cleveland Thermal’s district energy system produces steam and chilled water at a centralized plant. Underground thermal networks pipe in the finished product, heating and cooling your building directly.

District energy eliminates the need for expensive equipment taking up valuable space. Strike the maintenance and replacement costs of boilers, chillers, and cooling towers from your budget.

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of Downtown Cleveland’s thermal energy needs are provided by Cleveland Thermal.

20 million

sq. ft. of connected floor area served in downtown Cleveland and growing.


reliability achieved through advanced monitoring technology, maintenance protocols, and built-in redundancy.


years of uninterrupted district energy service to downtown Cleveland.

Who We Serve

By bringing the energy to you, we reduce your heating and cooling operational and infrastructure costs.

Commercial Property Owners

District energy eliminates the cost of onsite equipment and improves equipment lifecycle management. Without the bulky equipment, you have more rentable space.

Commercial Property Developers

We deliver an optimal heating and cooling solution that reduces your capital investment, allows you to take control of costs, and protects you from long-term risks.

Education & Healthcare Campuses

District energy is a reliable and resilient heating and cooling source. Our system is scalable and can respond to exponential growth and changing energy needs.


A valuable community asset, district energy drives economic development, improves community energy security, and complements sustainability initiatives.

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We develop energy solutions for a vibrant future, partnering with people and communities to drive lasting change and tangible results. Reach out today to see how we can help.

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