Looking to advance sustainability initiatives alongside the opportunity to participate in ownership arrangements? We can help.

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Partnering for the Long-Term

Our experience developing successful public-private partnerships is unparalleled. We bring the right combination of innovation, investment, and operational expertise for energy solutions that provide long-term energy security and reliability.

Energy Solutions for a Vibrant Future

Our energy solutions allow communities to be more resilient to the effects of climate change while providing the flexibility to adapt to future development plans and evolving technologies.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We can help you meet Community Energy and Emissions Plan objectives and GHG emissions targets with an energy-efficient system that can incorporate multiple energy sources.

Flexible Ownership Structure

Corix brings experience, knowledge, and capital financing experience to your project. We’ll help you tackle budgetary challenges — and provide options for ownership or investments.

Density-Friendly Systems

District energy solutions harness economies of scale to more efficiently manage your thermal demand, scaling with growing districts and communities.