Institutions & Campuses

We provide reliable energy and resilient infrastructure so you can focus on future growth, advancing educational priorities, and delivering patient care.

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Transforming Campuses into Vibrant and Sustainable Communities

We help your institution reach its sustainability goals by providing flexible capital to decarbonize legacy systems. We foster research and collaboration opportunities through our partnerships, creating the campus as a living lab to integrate academic teaching with real-world application.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

Our energy solutions allow you to focus on your core mission while benefiting from continuous service and peace of mind.

Redundancy and Fuel-Switching Capabilities

You count on reliable energy. Our systems provide resilient operations with backup sources and equipment in conjunction with advanced monitoring technology.

Flexible Ownership Structure

Corix brings experience, knowledge, and capital financing to your project. We’ll help you more easily tackle budgetary challenges — and provide options for ownership or investments.

Scalable Resilience

While upgrades to traditional energy infrastructure can be costly and disruptive, our energy solutions can add or change energy sources without modifying each building’s equipment.