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Looking for energy solutions that free up building space and save you money? We can help.

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Energy Solutions for All Building Types

Whether a single building or a master-planned development, we help developers and building owners navigate the complex changes driven by new technologies, stringent building codes, and greenhouse gas intensity requirements. Our goal is to implement long-term sustainable solutions that provide additional benefits compared to traditional chiller and boiler configurations.

Simplified Solutions, Multiple Benefits

Corix brings the planning for heating and cooling in the most optimal way.

Ongoing Cost Savings

District energy systems save 70-80% compared to status quo mechanical costs. In addition, ongoing O&M and equipment replacement costs are avoided if developers retain building ownership.

More Usable Space

Why lose valuable space for your energy system? A centralized solution frees up space throughout your design – and can open up rooftops, additional parking and density, and more.

Extra Design Flexibility

Our energy solutions accommodate your design needs, not vice versa. They can adapt to meet the requirements of whatever HVAC system, building envelope and structural design best suits your project.