Bellingham Waterfront District Energy Utility

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1.5 million sq. ft.

of connected floor space at build-out.

2,400 tonnes CO2e

avoided annually (at build-out).

Waste Heat

is captured and reused to provide energy.

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Bellingham Waterfront

Leading the Low-carbon Way

Bellingham’s Downtown Waterfront District is a transformational, vibrant live-work community spanning 18.8 acres of former industrial lands.

Corix proudly delivers heating and cooling to the development via a district energy system – the first in North America to meet the stringent requirements of the Washington State Energy Code 2021 as a “Low Carbon District Energy System.”

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The Energy Solution

Sustainable and Adaptable by Design

District energy systems are the cornerstone of efficiency, centralizing mechanical equipment to seamlessly distribute energy across multiple buildings. The Bellingham Waterfront Energy Center provides low-carbon heating and cooling by harnessing waste heat from Puget Sound Energy’s Encogen facility and building cooling loads.

Designed with modularity and scalability in mind, the Energy Center can evolve alongside the community’s growth. As new buildings are constructed and new low-carbon technologies emerge, equipment and capacity can easily be added to ensure a sustainable future.

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Corix has a strong legacy in the North American utility space. We are now laser-focused on energy. Corix brings low-carbon energy systems to life by building enduring infrastructure for communities across North America.

Our portfolio includes over 100 years of operating experience through projects like Cleveland Thermal. We have 11 thermal energy systems currently in operation and are expanding.

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Waste heat from several sources, including Puget Sound Energy’s Encogen generating station, is upgraded using high-efficiency water source heat pumps. It is then distributed through a network of underground pipes, providing low-carbon heating and domestic hot water to all connected buildings.

Our customers expect reliability. Corix uses advanced monitoring technology called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to monitor, gather and process real-time data for our local and remote operations.

The system sensors provide constant updates about the equipment, allowing the team to identify and troubleshoot issues immediately and mitigate or prevent downtime for our customers. Our systems have built-in redundancy, so they can continue to operate using backup sources and equipment.

If there is an outage or emergency, please call our 24/7 customer support at 1-844-852-5651.

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