• 1894
    District Steam Began
  • 1993
    District Cooling Began
  • 2015
    Corix Ownership
  • 2017
    Transition from Coal to Natural Gas

A Downtown Cleveland Landmark

Cleveland Thermal has been providing efficient and cost-effective steam and chilled water to commercial, government, and residential clients in Downtown Cleveland for over a century.

The Opportunity

In 2015, Corix acquired Cleveland Thermal and began evaluating opportunities to upgrade the infrastructure. In 2017, the Hamilton Avenue plant underwent a $25 million conversion from coal to natural gas. With the transition to natural gas and the installation of a state-of-the-art emissions control and monitoring technology, plant air emissions are now 84% lower than the previous coal-fired plant.

The Energy System

District steam from Cleveland Thermal is produced at the Hamilton Avenue plant and is used for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating, humidification, and several other process applications. The extensive steam distribution system spans Downtown Cleveland with more than 15 miles of underground pipe.


The Hamilton Avenue plant not only serves downtown Cleveland’s current needs, it also positions Cleveland Thermal with added capacity for future growth and expansion – including a full 1,000 KW of renewable energy.

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