Canadian Indigenous Relations

Corix recognizes, respects, and honours the distinct rights and titles of Indigenous Peoples under Canadian law. We acknowledge that our Canadian systems are located on Indigenous land.

Corix is committed to embracing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as a framework for reconciliation.

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We acknowledge the history and treatment of Indigenous People in Canada, which has had a destructive impact on the social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous communities, families and people.

We are committed to applying the UNDRIP principles, norms, and standards to our corporate policies and core operational activities when Indigenous Peoples, their lands, and resources are impacted. Our Canadian Indigenous Peoples Policy ensures Corix’s Canadian business activities respect Indigenous rights and show our commitment to reconciliation.

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Our Commitment

Call to Action #92

In accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action #92, Corix supports Indigenous communities in what is important to them and includes them in economic opportunities that historically they have not been considered to participate in.

Guided by our Canadian Indigenous Peoples Policy, we are committed to economic reconciliation by pursuing mutually beneficial economic partnerships with Indigenous communities. We see this as a tremendous opportunity to commit to First Nations’ economic inclusion, while at the same time support communities with energy needs.

Indigenous Partnerships

Doyon Utilities

Corix welcomes Indigenous economic partnerships and in 2007 partnered with Doyon Limited, an Alaska Native regional aboriginal business corporation, to establish “Doyon Utilities LLC”. Doyon Utilities finances, owns, and operates 12 utility systems on three U.S. military bases in Alaska, encompassing water, wastewater, thermal energy, and electrical distribution, in the largest and most complex utility contract ever awarded by the Department of Defense.

Learn More About Doyon Utilities

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Tangible Steps

Reconciliation at Work

Guided by our Canadian Indigenous Peoples Policy, Corix has built Reconciliation into our way of doing business, including:

  • Membership with the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business
  • Inclusive hiring practices (especially with First Nation communities within our operational footprint)
  • Canadian Indigenous history education and awareness
  • Pursuit of economic inclusion through business partnerships
  • Encouraging employees to learn about and participate in significant Indigenous-related holidays and events 
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Tangible Steps

Reconciliation in the Community

A rising tide lifts all boats. We believe supporting and doing business with Indigenous-owned and -led businesses creates vibrant and sustainable communities.

Corix is proud to be partnering with Indigenous communities on a variety of initiatives, from sponsoring The Bears’ Lair — a fully Indigenous-owned and -led TV series — to supporting Indigenous youth in the pursuit of their chosen career. We provide financial awards through Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, British Columbia’s only Indigenous public post-secondary institute.


Your willingness to invest in my education is incredibly uplifting and motivates me to achieve my academic goals. I am truly thankful for your support.

Christina Pierre NVIT Student, 2024 Corix Award Recipient

Winning the Corix District Energy Award has tremendously impacted my education journey. This award has been a great relief and will allow me to continue to flourish in my studies.

Shea Henry NVIT Student, 2024 Corix Award Recipient

Our Affiliations

We’re proud to partner with these Indigenous associations as part of our commitment to reconciliation.

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